Text Anaylasis

This is the final module for this class. I chose to do text analysis, a new way to look at text in a book. The first thing I had to do was find a book that was online.

I used the book from Project Gutenberg and I copied the words into Voyant in order to collect the data about the story of Cinderella. Voyant also plotted the top five words on a graph.The graph showed the frequency of each word and where in the book each word appeared. It also gave a colorful and artistic look at the top words used in the story. A text analysis of the story of Cinderella, a different way to look at books. This project is all about looking at how many words in the story and what the most used words are in the story. I used the Cinderella story from 1855 by the D. Appleton & Company. The top five words are Cinderella(61), ball(20), sisters(18), said(17) and good(14).There are an average of 26 words per sentence.

Here is the link-http://textanalysis.juliemharrington.com/

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