Module 2

Module 2, culture. For the past few weeks I have been working on this new module. The choices for this module were blogging, trolling, Wikipedia, labor, activism and algorithms. My group chose Wikipedia. I have not done a lot with Wikipedia due to the fact that it does not always have current and correct information on its site. I did some research and found out that anyone can create an article and anyone can edit an article. You do not have to have knowledge about the article you are writing or editing. Anything goes on Wikipedia. They do not have people to proofread, fact check or edit the articles before they are published. This is why Wikipedia is not a smart choice for a reliable reference when doing research. (Always check you facts.) Editing an article is very simple, just click the edit button on the article and you can edit. Your edit is published instantly on the internet. I did try to edit an article but my edit disappeared within hours after I did the edit. Now that I understand more about Wikipedia, I might try to put up my own Wikipedia page. Just to see if it has staying power. I know understand why my past Professors always stated that I could not use Wikipedia for a source on research papers.

Today, the class presented their modules. It was interesting to see and learn what my classmates discovered about their chosen topic. I think everyone did a great job presenting and there was a lot of information presented today. Next up is module #3.

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