Fact or Fiction

I was put into a new group this week to work on a digipo claim. My group is working on “Women considered better coders-but only if the hide their gender”.This is the claim on the website: The claim is that when researched on GitHub, code written by women was approved at a higher rate (78.6%) than code written by men (74.6%). “We hypothesized that pull requests made by women are less likely to be accepted than those made by men. Prior work on gender bias in hiring – that women tend to have resumes less favorably evaluated than men – suggests that this hypothesis may be true.” Is this true?

I have been successful on adding one article but digipo is fairly new and is still having some issues. I have not be able to add any more articles or edit the page. The original article that is in this claim is a little hard to follow. The data in the article was collect by California State University and North Carolina State University. This article and its method of data collection has not been verified yet.

I am still researching this claim. The question still remains “Will women  ever be treated equally in the work force”?

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