Digital Archaeology

Digital Archaeology. This assignment was fun and challenging. The fun part was taking apart an old laptop and seeing what is on the inside. The challenging part was trying to find out where the parts where originally made and assembled. I came across a lot of dead ends in my research which did get frustrating at times. One problem I came across was the part had the  Philippines printed on it  but everything I found online said the part was made in China, something is not right with this part. The second problem I came across was, the code/numbers on the part were not for that part. I did match the code/numbers to the correct part in the laptop. I did come across a lot of sites that wanted to sell the part I was researching. Buying the part was not the information I was looking for on this project.  This is a group project and I am working with three classmates. Tomorrow we will present our finding to the class. The good parts and the bad parts of our research.

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