Text Anaylasis

This is the final module for this class. I chose to do text analysis, a new way to look at text in a book. The first thing I had to do was find a book that was online.

I used the book from Project Gutenberg and I copied the words into Voyant in order to collect the data about the story of Cinderella. Voyant also plotted the top five words on a graph.The graph showed the frequency of each word and where in the book each word appeared. It also gave a colorful and artistic look at the top words used in the story. A text analysis of the story of Cinderella, a different way to look at books. This project is all about looking at how many words in the story and what the most used words are in the story. I used the Cinderella story from 1855 by the D. Appleton & Company. The top five words are Cinderella(61), ball(20), sisters(18), said(17) and good(14).There are an average of 26 words per sentence.

Here is the link-http://textanalysis.juliemharrington.com/

Fact or Fiction

I was put into a new group this week to work on a digipo claim. My group is working on “Women considered better coders-but only if the hide their gender”.This is the claim on the website: The claim is that when researched on GitHub, code written by women was approved at a higher rate (78.6%) than code written by men (74.6%). “We hypothesized that pull requests made by women are less likely to be accepted than those made by men. Prior work on gender bias in hiring – that women tend to have resumes less favorably evaluated than men – suggests that this hypothesis may be true.” Is this true?

I have been successful on adding one article but digipo is fairly new and is still having some issues. I have not be able to add any more articles or edit the page. The original article that is in this claim is a little hard to follow. The data in the article was collect by California State University and North Carolina State University. This article and its method of data collection has not been verified yet.

I am still researching this claim. The question still remains “Will women  ever be treated equally in the work force”?

Digital Archaeology

Digital Archaeology. This assignment was fun and challenging. The fun part was taking apart an old laptop and seeing what is on the inside. The challenging part was trying to find out where the parts where originally made and assembled. I came across a lot of dead ends in my research which did get frustrating at times. One problem I came across was the part had the  Philippines printed on it  but everything I found online said the part was made in China, something is not right with this part. The second problem I came across was, the code/numbers on the part were not for that part. I did match the code/numbers to the correct part in the laptop. I did come across a lot of sites that wanted to sell the part I was researching. Buying the part was not the information I was looking for on this project.  This is a group project and I am working with three classmates. Tomorrow we will present our finding to the class. The good parts and the bad parts of our research.

Module 2

Module 2, culture. For the past few weeks I have been working on this new module. The choices for this module were blogging, trolling, Wikipedia, labor, activism and algorithms. My group chose Wikipedia. I have not done a lot with Wikipedia due to the fact that it does not always have current and correct information on its site. I did some research and found out that anyone can create an article and anyone can edit an article. You do not have to have knowledge about the article you are writing or editing. Anything goes on Wikipedia. They do not have people to proofread, fact check or edit the articles before they are published. This is why Wikipedia is not a smart choice for a reliable reference when doing research. (Always check you facts.) Editing an article is very simple, just click the edit button on the article and you can edit. Your edit is published instantly on the internet. I did try to edit an article but my edit disappeared within hours after I did the edit. Now that I understand more about Wikipedia, I might try to put up my own Wikipedia page. Just to see if it has staying power. I know understand why my past Professors always stated that I could not use Wikipedia for a source on research papers.

Today, the class presented their modules. It was interesting to see and learn what my classmates discovered about their chosen topic. I think everyone did a great job presenting and there was a lot of information presented today. Next up is module #3.

Module 1 Update

I have been having fun with this module. I have successfully made a twitter bot. It did take me several tries before I got the bot up and running. I used the #snow in order to see all the new snow pictures. I will continue to improve my twitter bot by learning other ways to use it. This was a challenge for me but was fun to see the twitter bot come to life.

I have also been working on Codcademy in order to learn HTML. I hope to be able to use HTML in my future classroom. I will continue to learn more about HTML. If I can create study programs for my future students, then maybe I can get my students to study more. I am looking forward to the next module in Digital Studies.

Module 1 Creative Coding

This module states that I will get to explore creative and playful uses of computer code and I will get to make my own experiments and interventions into creative computing. I hope that all these years of being a creative person will help me with this module. My goal is to be able to create something interesting and beautiful. Codecademy will be one of the many resources I will be using for this module. Coding is something very new to me so this module will be a challenge.

Welcome to my DGST 101 BLog

Hi. I’m Julie and this is my blog. I have just started my first semester at the University of Mary Washington. I am a transfer student from Northern Virginia Community College. This is the first step towards my Bachelors in Communications and Digital Studies. This blog will only be used for my DGST 101 class. I hope to add more blogs for other classes and possibly a craft blog in the near future. Please be patient with me as I learn how to manage this blog and my webpage. You can find my website at http://juliemharrington.com/